Welcome to Web3!

Welcome to Web3!

This post is hosted decentralized across the open web thanks to Fleek and the Internet Computer via DFINITY Foundation.

It seems like at almost every dinner conversation, the topic of Crypto, NFTs, and Web3 comes up one way or another. There are experts, amateurs, and those who are in the complete unknown. One thing is for sure, we are in the midst of a movement that will forever transform the way we engage with the digital world.

Despite all the increase in excitement for Blockchain, it is clear that the current stack, although revolutionary, fails to achieve the desired state of efficient scalability. That is where DFINITY and their Internet Computer come into play. I have been spending some time reading about their technology and the unique way in which they have tackled some of the most complex problems facing blockchain cryptography today.

That is why when it came to a destination to host my new website, I wanted to seek out hosting completely decentralized across the Internet Computer. Along the way I discovered Fleek, a company that provides a seamless service akin to Netlify except across the Internet Computer or IFPS.

I encourage you to read up more on all of the technology and platforms here, they will truly inspire you!